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Welcome to our Raise Love #forRMHC fundraising page!
Beard legend Sean Waldridge has offered to do something he has never done before - shave his beard! Sean's offer does however come with a catch - we must raise $5,000 for RMHC by May 1, 2019 in order for this extraordinary event to happen. 

The Rules

APRIL 5, 2019

We have an update! In light of reaching our goal of $5,000, Sean's future mustache has offered us an opportunity to raise even more for RMHC!

  • If at least $6K is reached, Sean will convert his beard to a handlebar mustache
  • For every $1K above $5K raised, Sean will proudly wear his mustache to the office for 1 business day
  • At the end of X # of days, Sean shaves the mustache and is then fully clean shaven
  • If at least $6K is not raised, Sean is not required to sport a mustache and will shave his beard in full per the original rules

MARCH 20, 2019

  • If $5,000 is raised, Sean will end up with no facial hair. Sean's head hair will be cut to short on the sides and top. 
  • If $5,000 is not reached, no hair removal is required
  • In the spirit of maximizing the funds donated to RMHC, McDonald's employees who donate are encouraged to leverage the McDonald's Employee Matching Gifts program

About RMHC

RMHC helps families with a sick child stay close to the essential care they need and, most importantly, each other. Which is why we’ve decided to fundraise by doing what we love to help keep families together. 

But we can’t do it without our friends and family!

By joining our team or donating to help us reach our goal, we can provide families staying at RMHC with home cooked meals, a comfortable bed to sleep in and a place to be together.

So, help us raise funds to keep families together by joining our team or donating!

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