2018 Team RMHC Chicago Marathon

Liam's Ladies ...and Gents

On October 7th, we will be representing Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) at the 2018 Bank of America Chicago Marathon!  As a members of Team RMHC, we will be training, fundraising and ultimately running 26.2 miles to help keep families together.

Team Liam's Ladies ...and Gents was formed to honor Lynda Radman's son Liam.  In 2006, at the age of 15 months, Liam was diagnosed with a turmor in his brain stem.  Over the course of 3 months, Liam was hospitalized undergoing numerous procedures, including brain surgery.  During that time, Lynda and her daughter Samantha lived at the Ronald McDonald House at the University of Chicago Comer's Children's Hospital.  The Ronald McDonald House WAS their home, they did not go to their house during that 3 month period of time at all.  Unfortunately, in 2008, Liam lost his battle.  Today, these amazing group of runners and friends have decided to combine their love of running while helping families like Lynda's. 


Liam's Ladies ...and Gents is:


Theresa Adolfo


Amanda Borre - This will be Amanda's 6th marathon and her FIRST Chicago!  In addition, Amanda has also run two 50 mile ultra marathons!


Jessie Brown - The 2018 Chicago Marathon is Jessie's FIRST marathon!!!  We are very excited to share this experience with her.  Jessie's best friend's husband stayed at theRMH in 2016 while her friend stayed in the hospital with their daughter.  Their 3 year old daughter has been battling and beating leukemia since then.

 Sue Fencl

Bridget Flint - The 2018 Chicago Marathon will be Bridget's 5th time running the Chicago marathon. This will also be her second marathon running alongside her mom, Barb Nelson (if she can keep up)!

 Lisa Frost

Brent Hansen


Jeff Hansen

Christine Kidder - Christine is one of the founding members of Liam's Ladies ...and Gents!  2018 will be Christine's 9th marathon, her 8th Chicago and her 2nd for Team RMHC.

 Terry Kuyawa - Terry is one of the founding members of Liam's Ladies ...and Gents!  This will be Terry's 7th marathon and her 6th Chicago.  Terry has volunteered to bake cookies at the CDH RMH and has had a family member and serveral friends use the RMH.

 Sheetal Nayak

 Barb Nelson - This is Barb's 3rd marathon and her 2nd Chicago.  Barb has volunteered making meals at the CDH RMH. 

 Jim Pedersen - 2018 will be Jim's first marathon!!!  Jim started running in early 2016 as Charity Hero for a local cancer foundation.  After all of the work (and fun) was done, his first half marathon was in the books.  When his new running friends went back to their normal routines, Jim just kept running.  Now, 3 half marathons later, Jim is super excited to take on a new challenge, with new friends, while continuing to contribute to a cause that is so importing to so many families.

 Ellen Pierce - Ellen is happy to be joining Liam's Ladies and Gents for her first marathon!  While running a marathon is a dream just a couple of years in the making, Ellen has been inspired by the work of RMHC both through the experience of old friends who benefited from the support and the help offered by RMH during their son's illness as well as Lynda's inspiring mission to support RMHC.

Lynda Radman - 2018 will be Lynda's 5th marathon...all Chicago!  Lynda has run with RMHC 4 of her 5 marathons.  Lynda lived at the RMH while her son Liam was hospitalized for brain surgery.  Lynda and her family are incredibly grateful for the runners and friends on Liam's Ladies ...and Gents.

 Jennifer Rusniak - Jennifer has volunteered a number of times at the CDH RMH.  2018 is Jennifer's 6th marathon and her 5th Chicago!

 Nicole Tucker

Eric Ward - This will be Eric's first Chicago Marathon!!!  Eric just started running 1.5 years ago and has already completed 2 half marathons.  He's also signed up for a marathon prior to Chicago in 2018!  Eric's 3 children are his motivation for running.

 Margaret Warren -2018 will be Margaret's 4th marathon and her 2nd Chicago Marathon!  This will be the first time Margaret runs with Team RMHC but she has volunteered and made a meal at house in the past.  Margaret also has 2 friends have have used a RMH.

 Michelle Webb - Michelle started her marathon journey in 2015 by joining a local running store's Wal to Run program.  Two short years later she ran 2 Spring Half Marthons.  Michelle decided 2018 was her year to complete her first Full Marathon and she's doing with RMHC and Liam's Ladies and Gents.  She is excited to run her first marathon for a great cause and to have the support from a great group of runners!

  Angela Wilson - Angela is one of the founding members of Liam's Ladies ...and Gents!  This will be Angela's 4th marathon, her 3rd Chicago and her 2nd for Team RMHC. 

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