2018 Team RMHC Chicago Marathon

Smiling's Our Favorite!
Smiling's Our Favorite!

Smiles for Miles

Team Smiles for Miles was put together to empower a team of runners and to give back while we run. We are here to cheer on one another as runenrs through our entire training season, to share in the glory of running AND COMPLETING the Chicago full marathon (that's 26.2 miles, friends!), and to support one another in our fundraising efforts for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

We are a light-hearted bunch, people from all over - some of us have met in person and others not!  We don't take ourselves too serious, and we have fun along the way. Smiles for Miles is EXACTLY THAT!  We smile, because a smile can go a LONG way. It takes only one person to make the day of another.  And this is what we intend to do through our fundraising efforts. Smiling's our favorite! ;-)

We are running for Team RMHC where YOUR DOLLARS matter in keeping families close. When a child is in need of medical care, families are able to stay at an RMH facility. They are given a meal, a room, support, basically anything one could need.  And without stress or burden. They are provided with so much love and care from selfless others, and we can only hope to spread the LOVE as we run, too!

Thanks for checking out our team, and we will see you at the finish line! 


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