Graphic Treatment: Team RMHC Runner's Circle

A Love Letter, Of Sorts

Every year, after the start of marathon training, I’m always reminded of just how grateful I am to be a runner. And how much I love running.

First of all, I love that I the ability to run... 'health' wise, and 'knees' wise.

And I love that I have the desire to run, and that I make the time to run.

I love the group of runners I run with every Saturday, and the larger community of runners of which I've become a part.

And I love that running is so totally NOT "work" (as in “9-to-5/Monday-Friday” work).

I love the fact that while most of the time I’m working or doing things for others, running is something I do for myself… something that makes me a better me.

I love the fact that while running takes a lot out of me, it always gives back more than it takes.

And I love the way running makes me feel—not just while I'm "out there" running, but also when I'm done and I have that satisfied (some say goofy-looking) smile on my face that says, "Yeah, I'm a runner."

And that’s my wish for each of you as well... that you also learn to love running (if you don't already); and that running will always be a part of who you are, how you define yourself, and how you are defined by others.

(I’ll never forget someone introducing me to a friend of theirs, after I ran my first marathon, saying "This is Charles. He's a marathon runner.")

(Insert “your name and pronoun in place of mine and see how it looks.)

(Pretty cool, eh?)

And so, in the spirit of “loving to run"—and to encourage you to experience the sheer joy that running can help make possible in your life—I share the following advice, adapted from "The Runner's Rule Book" by Mark Remy:

“RUN LIKE A DOG--Dogs don't care where they are, what the weather is or what time it is. They don't know their resting heart rate and they hardly ever bother to wear a watch. They just love to run. And every time they do, their whole face and body and tail telegraph one simple message: This. Is. AWESOME. I’m runnnnnning!

And if you're so inclined, I encourage you to try the ‘Run Like A Dog’ Training Workout: Walk 2 minutes. Jog 4 minutes. Stop. Sniff. Run really fast 1 minute. Freeze. Walk 1 minute in any direction but forward. Stare 5 seconds. Pee. Repeat two more times. Run home. Collapse on the floor.”

Thank you Team RMHC runners for all that you’re doing to train and run and fundraise to support the children and families served by Ronald McDonald House Charities and to keep families close!

Train safe. Run strong.



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