Graphic Treatment: Team RMHC Runner's Circle

On Becoming A Better You

Many of you are now running your longest long-runs ever (or your longest runs in a very long time), and you’re being reminded of the fact that “the hardest part of running a marathon is NOT running the marathon—the hardest part of running a marathon is TRAINING to run the marathon.”

That said, these coming weeks are the real “discipline weeks” of marathon training:

… those weeks when the reality of October 8 is seriously beginning to plant itself in your head—that in just 7 weeks you are going to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

… those weeks when you stay-in on Friday nights because you really, really need to be in bed before 9:30 PM.

… and those weeks when you’re most likely to ask yourself, "Tell me again why I'm doing this?"

But then, you DO remember why you're doing this.

You’re doing this because being a runner is now a part of who you are, and all that you’ve become.

You’re doing this because of the commitment you've made to your own health and fitness; and, as a Team RMHC runner, to support the health and well-being of the children and families served by Ronald McDonald House Charities.

And you're doing this because running makes you a better you… an idea best reflected in this quote from writer, mother and runner Kristin Armstrong: "I am not a 'good runner' because I am me. I am a 'good me' because I am a runner."

(I LOVE that!)

If running these really long 'long runs' seems like a challenge—well, what the heck… you’re running 16, 18 or 20 miles! OF COURSE IT’S A CHALLENGE!

But honestly, you're not alone.

Look around you on the path, streets or sidewalks that you train on, and take strength from all the other runners who are doing exactly what you're doing.

Look to your family, friends and colleagues and take strength from their good wishes and prayers; and from the donations they're making to support you, and to support Ronald McDonald House Charities!

And on Marathon Day… you’ll draw strength from your 1,000+ Team RMHC running mates and the 40,000+ runners at your side; and from the 1,500,000-plus spectators who have shown up to encourage and cheer you to the ‘FINISH.’

(No way you’re alone!)

Many, many thanks to each of you for ALL that you're doing (every day, every mile and every week) to train and run and fundraise(!) to support Ronald McDonald House Charities.

You're THE BEST!

Train safe. Run strong.

Finish proud.



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