Graphic Treatment: Team RMHC Runner's Circle

The Point Is…

For many of you, this past Saturday was an 18-miler…

… and no matter whether this was your ‘best ever’ 18; your ‘first ever’ 18; or had to dig deep and push through 18—YOU RAN 18 MILES!

To any of you who may have struggled through 18 (or through any of your long-runs) it’s time to accept the fact that none of us are really going to win the marathon (GASP!)… so believing that we need to have our "best ever" run every time we run really isn't the point.

The point is... you’re training to run a marathon—competing with yourself to be your best and to run your best on Marathon Day.

The point is… you’re training to either get yourself fit, or keep yourself fit.

And the point is… you’re training so that on Marathon Day, you can have a SAFE (read: “injury free”) run; and have a GREAT time doing it. (A "great time” experience-wise... in your heart. If you also happen to have a "great time" clock-wise, so much the better!)

AND the point is, you’re training to support children and families served by Ronald McDonald House Charities who are running a whole other kind of marathon—persevering through weeks, months or even years of hospital visits, surgeries and outpatient recovery.

That’s the point, and the “reasons why” we’re doing this… “reasons” I hope every one of you keep tucked in your heart every mile you run.

According to most training schedules, there's just one more “really long” long-run left.

(Okay... two, if you're going to count the marathon. Although I don't think of the marathon so much as a 'long-run' as much as it is "The Big Dance.")

In these last few weeks of training, besides JUST focusing on Marathon Day, take time to feel good about everything you've accomplished over the past 3-4 months and to feel the joy of having your heart 'beam' with pride over the fact that you have become an endurance athlete!

(Which is what you have become.)

And enjoy the joy (the rather 'twisted' joy) of getting up at 5:00 AM on a Saturday morning, so you can out-run the sun.

And thank you, runners (again!) for the commitment you’re making to train and run and fundraise to support Ronald McDonald House Charities.

And congratulations(!) on the commitment you're making to your own health and fitness by training and running with Team RMHC.

You're THE BEST!

Train safe. Run strong.

Finish proud.



And now, a bit of a “fundraising postscript”…

At this point, you should definitely be seeing your fundraising support begin to gain traction—especially as we pass the Labor Day weekend and the closeness of the marathon begins to ‘sink in’ with prospective donors.

(In fact, more than 50% of most charity’s fundraising for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon takes place between Labor Day and Marathon Day!)

If you’ve already reached your fundraising goal (or are about to reach your goal)... please, don’t stop fundraising! In fact, raise your goal!

As you might imagine, prospective donors who have not yet made a donation to your fundraising page will be much more likely to support you (or support you more generously) if they see that you still NEED their support.

And remember, once you reach your “minimum” fundraising commitment, you are not liable for any increase you make to your goal—you’re simply ‘raising the bar’ for others to support you… and to support Ronald McDonald House Charities!

And please don't be 'shy' about asking friends to support you—you're training for 20 WEEKS to achieve a rather amazing personal goal, of course these people want to support you... THEY'RE YOUR FRIENDS!

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