Graphic Treatment: Team RMHC Runner's Circle
Mind Game

For most of you, this coming weekend is your '20-miler.'

And no matter whether this is your 'first-ever' marathon (and the first time that you’ll ever be running 20 miles) or your ‘tenth-ever’ marathon... 20 miles is a "BIG DEAL" run.

When you started this journey just over three months ago, the “spirit” of the marathon was somewhere inside of you—either in your head, in your heart, or in your legs.

The '20-miler' is when that spirit takes flight… when you (and it) finally soar—knowing that the next time you run 20 miles, you'll be running 26.2.


20 miles?

You'll do it.

Just like you did 14 and 16 miles. And 18.

One mile at a time.

And once you run 20, you WILL run 26.2.

Trust me. (I'm not making this stuff up.)

And yes… after you finish your '20-miler' there’s a good chance you’ll say to yourself, “How can I possibly run another 6.2?”

But it's a ‘mind game.’

The reason you'll say that to yourself is because all week long, all you thought about was running 20 miles… and because on the day of your 20-miler, you started the morning knowing that "20 miles" was what you had to run.

Not 21. Not 22.

Not 26.2.

You knew you were running 20 miles--and when you reached that 20, your mind and your body said "STOP."

Just as it did on earlier long runs, when you ran 16 and 18 miles.

On October 8 you will be standing at the ‘START’ mentally and physically prepared to run 26.2 miles.

Which is what you told yourself you would do on Marathon Day.

Which is what you trained yourself to do.

Which is what you will do.

Thank you, Team RMHC… for the commitment you’re making every day to train and run and fundraise to support the children and families served by Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Train safe. Run strong.

And (of course), finish proud.



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