Woman Smiling + Graphic Treatment: Team RMHC Runner's Circle
With A Little Help From My Friends

Each week, I use these messages to mostly talk about marathon training—the physical, mental and “heart” components of your training… one or more of which will get you to the ‘FINISH’ on October 8. 

But this week I simply want to say THANK YOU(!) for ALL that you’re doing to train and run and fundraise for Ronald McDonald House Charities, and to encourage you in your fundraising efforts.

At this point, you should definitely be seeing your fundraising support begin to “gain traction”—especially as we approach the Labor Day weekend, and the closeness of the marathon begins to ‘sink in’ with prospective donors.

(In fact, more than 50% of most charity fundraising for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon takes place between Labor Day and Marathon Day!)

If you’ve already reached your fundraising goal (or are about to reach your goal) CONGRATULATIONS!!! But please, don’t stop fundraising! In fact, raise your goal!

As you might imagine, prospective donors who have not yet made a donation to your fundraising page will be much more likely to support you (or to support you more generously) if they see that you still NEED their support.

And remember, once you reach your “minimum” fundraising commitment, you are not liable for any increase in your goal—you’re simply ‘raising the bar’ for others to support you… and to support Ronald McDonald House Charities!

And please don't be 'shy' about asking your friends to support you—you're training for 20 WEEKS to achieve a rather amazing personal goal. Of course these people want to support you... THEY'RE YOUR FRIENDS! 

Experience shows that when you reach out to them a second (or even a third) time, closer to Marathon Day… they really are grateful for your reminding them, and they really will make a donation.

And now, some thoughts about marathon training...

These next three weeks include your 18 and 20-mile long runs. If you’re not already part of a training group (or you don’t have a 'training buddy' that you run with) PLEASE try to recruit a friend or two to meet you on your route and run a few of those long-run miles at your side--especially on the “back half” of your run

Doing so will give you something to look forward to as you're running 'on your own' during miles 6 through 10; and the company of friends will help make running miles 12 through 18 (or 20) a lot more manageable. 

If you don't have any 'runner' friends, recruit a friend to bike the second half of your run alongside you. (But no trading places!)

And again, don’t be shy about asking friends for this kind of support. Of course these people want to support you… THEY’RE YOUR FRIENDS!

Finally, thank you (again!) for the important difference you’re helping make possible in SO MANY lives as a Team RMHC runner.

 (I know I keep saying that... but it's only because I keep meaning that!)

Train safe. Run strong.

Finish proud.



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