Q:  Do you still have entries?

A: Registration for the 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon is now closed. For more information or to register for our 2022 team, please email kmarchetti@rmhc.org

Q: What is the fundraising requirement?

A:  The BOACM sets the minimums for all charities.  At this time, we expect the fundraising minimum to be $1250 Pre-Drawing and $1750 Post-Drawing.

Q:  Who pays the Marathon entry fee?

A: The Bank of America Chicago Marathon requires event participants to pay registration fees in order to have the option of purchaasing event insurance.  

Q: What is the deadline for my minimum fundraising commitment?

A: October 1st.

Q: What do I do if a donor says they've received an error when attempting to make a donation?

A: Please ask the donor to provide a specific date and time when this issue occurred on the attempted donation. If an error message is being given, if possible, please provide a screenshot of the error message. Email this information along with the donor's name to kmarchetti@rmhc.org. From there, our finance team will be able to pinpoint the cause of the issue better.

Q: Where do I send checks?

A:  While we encourage online donations whenever possible, we realize some people still prefer to send in check donations. Please request that checks be made payable to ‘Ronald McDonald House Charities’–and that the words “Team RMHC—(your name)” are included on the “memo” line on the face of the check. We also ask that you include a copy of our check donation which you can download HERE

Next, mail the checks to:

Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc.
Attn: Team RMHC
26345 Network Place 
Chicago, IL 60673-1263

Once received, accounting will “CONFIRM” the gift and it will appear on your fundraising page.

Q: What is the process for matching gifts?

A: When a donor makes an online donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities to support your efforts as a Team RMHC runner, there is now a “Matching Gifts Information” section at the bottom of the donation form to indicate they will be asking their employer to ‘match’ their donation.

Once the ‘match’ is received by us, we’ll apply to your fundraising total. (FYI—companies often process employee matching gift requests on a quarterly basis, so it may take some time for the donation to appear on your page.)

(NOTE—please remind your donors that checking the "matching gift" box only alerts RMHC to the potential for a match. The actual matching gift donation must still be applied for by each donor, according to their company’s matching gift policy. Also, please ask your donors to use “Team RMHC” and your name wherever possible when completing their company’s matching gift application. RMHC is fortunate to receive many matching gifts and we want to be sure we can identify those associated with your fundraising efforts on behalf of RMHC.)

RMHC’s IRS Tax ID# is: 36-2934689

If a donor’s employer needs any additional information from us (or needs us to verify receipt of the donor’s gift to RMHC) please have them contact:  Dolores Godoy – dolores.godoy@us.mcd.com or at

Dolores Godoy -Team RMHC
Ronald McDonald House Charities
110 N. Carpenter Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Q: Do matching gifts count toward my minimum fundraising commitment?

A:  The short answer is yes, but only if they are received by the October 1st deadline.  Every company has a different policy for matching gifts. Your best bet is to submit them as early as you can.

Q: I am injured or can no longer ‘run Chicago’- do I still need to raise money?

A: We really hope this doesn’t happen, but in the event you are unable to run the Chicago Marathon and have used one of our charity entries, we are going to need you to meet the minimum fundraising commitment stated in the ‘injury clause’ of the commitment form ($625 pre-drawing/ $875 after). You MUST declare the 'Injury Clause' by August 1, 2021, or you will be responsible for fundraising your full commitment.

Team RMHC, after all, is a rather important fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities and to keep the costs of running this program down, implementing ‘injury clause’ requirements is necessary.

To activate the Injury Clause you must complete THIS FORM by August 1, 2021.

Q:  If I don’t meet my minimum fundraising commitment, what happens?

A:  At the end of the day you will have a choice. You may either personally cover the difference between what you have raised and your fundraising minimum or you’ll have to pull out of the race. Team RMHC is a very important fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities and the funds raised impact the lives of millions of children and families around the globe.  We receive a limited number of Chicago Marathon entries, therefore, it is very important that anyone making a commitment sticks to it.

This year we are requiring that fundraising minimums are met by October 1st.  For any instances where the fundraising minimums are not met we will be pulling bibs. You will be able to visit the RMHC booth at the Expo and obtain your bib by making a donation via check or credit card to cover the shortfall.  Please note, this is not a means of ‘punishing’ anyone, but rather a practice required by the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to establish a more equitable fundraising environment.

Q: What is Charity Village, where is it, and how many guests may I bring?

A: The Team RMHC hospitality tent is one of the largest perks to running with Team RMHC and this year it is located in close proximity to the start corrals and the finish line along Michigan Avenue between Balbo and Harrison.  We offer a huge, heated tent with private gear check, pre-race breakfast and snacks, post-race lunch, drinks, a DJ, massage therapists, and the best post-race party in town!  The Team RMHC hospitality also serves as a meeting place for our runners to reunite with guests.

****Due to COVID, hospitality amenites are subject to change.  RMHC will follow all event, city and state guidelines to keep our team members safe.

Q: Where is this year’s Team RMHC Marathon-Eve Pasta Dinner taking place?  How many guests can I bring, what is the charge, and what types of food will be served?

  A:  Dinner will be held at Chicago's Union Station - Grand Hall. The dinner is free to all Team RMHC runners and is one of our ways of saying ‘Thank you’ on behalf of the children and families served by RMHC. 

****Due to COVID, Pasta Dinner is subject to change. More information will be posted at a later date as we continue to montior city and state guidelines for gathering in large groups indoors.

Q: What is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon's current policy on Covid guidelines and travel surrounding the event?

A: The BOACM team has shared that they are working closely with the City of Chicago, including the Chicago Department of Public Health, to provide a safe and enjoyable race weekend experience for all event attendees. Preparations for the October 2021 race will align with Chicago’s re-opening framework, including strict adherence to local and state coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines. BOACM recognizes guidance is likely to change between now and October 2021. For this reason, the event will provide specific guidelines to registered participants in the months and weeks leading up to race weekend.

Q: What is the link to the Team RMHC Facebook page?

A:  There is a private page for Team RMHC runners to connect, share inspiring stories, tips, and motivate one another.  Join us!

Q: Who do I contact if I know someone who would like to volunteer Marathon weekend?

A: Please email Katie Marchetti at kmarchetti@rmhc.org with name and email for anyone that wishes to volunteer.


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